Feature Friday

Happy Friday all! Things have been slow around here all week which has been nice considering it’s the calm before the travel storm starting next week! D’s sister is in town and we’ve been having fun hanging out as she is leaving for college in about two weeks! Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend. We are heading to Portland on Saturday for the day to take Katie around and celebrate her birthday by a fun day in the city. I’m sure Powell’s Bookstore is on the list as well as the Saturday market. Can’t wait!

This weeks Feature Fridays!

Feature Friday: Current Blog Obsession

Vegan Mother Hubbard

I’m always browsing for great vegan blogs. That’s no secret and this week I’ve been obsessing over Vegan Mother Hubbard a blog written by Sandra, a mother raising her twins vegan. Her recipes and menus page is awesome! I’ve already spotted a few things I’m going to make. You can find hit here:

Recipes and Menus

If you are vegan or looking to incorporate a few meatless {and dairy-free)  meals into your food plan or are considering raising your children vegan definitely check out Vegan Mother Hubbard!

Feature Friday: Instagram

I love our pups! And if you follow me on Instagram (bullfrogsandbulldogs) you know I LOVE taking photos of them on Instagram. Sorry, I can’t help it. Look at their faces!


Feature Friday: Dare I say it? Okay…FALL!

Eek! I can’t believe I’m going to admit this but yes, I’m starting to get excited for fall. Don’t get me wrong. I love summer and I love running around in shorts and a tank top all the time but I also adore fall. It’s always been my favorite time of year. When I lived in Seattle, every late September either my mom or I would call each other and right after the other said hello, who ever called would say, “Can you feel it, fall is here!”

It always starts to change right around August 22nd, my brothers birthday. The warm mornings change over to those crisp hazy ones and there is just something different in the air. I actually broke down and bought a few articles of clothing that are fall inspiring. Opps! I fully plan on thoroughly enjoying the last bits of summer but I’ll be waiting for fall with open arms!

So I can wear something like this…

fall fall fall


and this…

fall fall fall :)


and make this to sip on…



And put up fun decorations like this…



What do you love most about fall?

Feature Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week. We are gearing up for a weekend of around 100 degrees here in the valley which is a first for the summer. Eek! What am I going to do? I guess I’ll being closing up the home and turning the AC on full blast. D will be working at the tasting room all weekend which means I’ll have a lot of time to get some things done with weekend. I’m repainting our guest bedroom a mint green. Crossing my fingers it turns out how I am hoping!

Here are my Feature Friday pikcs this week! Enjoy!

Feature Friday: My Current Blog Obsession

No Blog Obsession this week…no time to obsess :(

Feature Friday: Instagram

On Monday I lost a very important part of me…my finger tip. I was slicing some zucchini with a very sharp Mandolin slicer and on the first slice, whamo! Gone!

Immediately it was gushing and after four hours it hadn’t stopped and I went into Urgent Care. Fortunately, I didn’t have to get stitches because honestly, there was nothing left to stitch, but they did have to cauterize it and wrap it up. It hurts, it throbs, and it itches. Not to mention, it’s pretty hard to type. BUT, it could have been worse and I consider myself lucky. I’m not joking when I say I cut myself EVERY single time I cook. It’s no wonder D wont teach me how to use the various saws in the shop. One day I hope.

Feature Friday: A Little Blog Soul Searching

Lately I’ve been giving my blog a lot of thought.Well actually, I’m always giving my blog some thought. To be honest, I’m not 100% happy with the direction I have taken it. I never intended to make it all about DIY or recipes but somehow I felt the need to always post about those things because it’s what people seemed most interested in seeing or because I could link up to more blogs and get a little more exposure. The original intent was not that though.  I always wanted it to be a lifestyle blog featuring bits and pieces of all aspects of what our life is like, the good and bad, and especially focusing on the parts that reflected my transition from city life to country life.

I’m not saying I’m not going to post about the projects I do because really, that is a part of me I discovered when I moved into my own home as is our new journey of cooking vegan and gluten free goodies, but I am going to post a lot more on things going on in our life, on the vineyard and farm. I hope to share a broader picture and incorporate the bad as well as the good. Life is wonderful but there are moments that aren’t. That is life.

So here I am telling you all that I’m going to be a little more vulnerable starting now. The good, the great, and the ugly.


I want to share more on my struggles and more on my accomplishments, more on personal growth  and when I feel lost along the way. I’m human and I’m not perfect and I never want to mislead my friends and readers that I think I am.

So here is to a little vulnerability and gettin’ a lil’ more real on here.


Feature Friday

Hey Friends! Right now I am back in Seattle for our wedding reception that my mom is throwing for us. I can hardly wait to show you all of the beautiful details she has spent the last few months working on. My momma is seriously one talented lady!

Here are this weeks Feature Fridays!

Feature Friday: Current Blog Obsession


I stumbled upon {aka} designs the other day and I can’t remember how but I am sure glad I did! I absolutely love designing duo’s style!  Shannon and Dean  write about their adventures in all things DIY, thrifty decorating and organizational tips and offer the occasional recipe as well. And get this, Shannon even wrote an eBook called, Welcome Home found here.

Whole browsing through their blog, I found so many inspring projects I’d love to recreate like their Reclaimed Wood Headboard and their fun Vintage Bakery Sign.

Their little bungalow is adorable. Take a tour here.

{aka} designs can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too!

Stop by and say hi and take a look around their little space in the bloggy world!

Feature Friday: Instagram

Our pups make me crack up. They both have very distinct personalities and they are the sweetest things ever. This is Maddy, our pit bull mutt. I think Pits get a pretty bad rap. Yes, there are some out there that our mean but I believe that goes for most all breeds. Every pit I’ve met have been the kindest souls and that definitely goes for our Maddy. This little ‘chocolate bunny’ as my hubby calls her loves to sprawl out and relax in the grass chewing on her rock, stick, bone you name it! Sometimes I just go out there with her and we lay together in the grass watching all that goes on around us. She’s my sweet sweet girl.


Feature Friday: Barnwood Tables Inspiration

I recently purchased an old table from an antique store in Newberg, the town in which I live in. It has great legs but a maple wood top that I’m not too keen on. I thought this would be a fun was to try and get that barnwood table we’ve been wanting forever…DIY style!

Here are a few pictures that inspire me.

Via Our Vintage Home Love

Via East Coast Creative

New table? by patrica

Via A Little Bite of Everything

I love the idea of adding a bench to one side of the table!

It may be a little bit before I actually have time to get around to it. I still haven’t even finished our living room wall yet. But, I have the table, and all I need it to find the wood!

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Feature Friday

Hi Everyone! It’s that time again, Friday! Hope you all have some fun weekend plans. D and I are heading over to the Bend area to do a little bouldering, camping, hiking and just hanging out together. I can’t wait!

Feature Friday: Current Blog Obsession


Well, it’s not exactly a blog but it is definitely worth checking out. Hometalk is a network for homeowners and renters and anyone interesting in the topic of home and garden. You get to share and ask questions about anything related to those topics and it’s such an awesome community. When you create a profile, you can share anything you want whether it is a new project you are working on or you can search for something particular. It’s a wonderful network of like minded people who share and encourage others.

Feature Friday: Instagram Photo

This photo still cracks me up. Earlier this week D and I both went to Whole Foods without the other knowing it and came home with the exactly same thing. Five cans of slice black olives, one larger can of pitted green olives, and two cans of my favorite coconut milk. Its that true love or what?!


Feature Friday: What I’m loving right now {DIY Wall Art}

I am getting so many awesome ideas from wall art found on Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorites so far!

diy wall art~

Via Blue Cricket Design

DIY Wall art

Via Domestic Adventure

How To paint a 'vintage' sign like a pro! Step by step tutorial to turn stock lumber into a vintage, one-of-a-kind sign. #sunshine #beautiful #thegreatpinteresthunt

Via Inspired by Charm

DIY Deer Wall Art

Via Design, Dining, and Diapers

What are you loving this week?

Feature Friday

Hi Friends! Hope you all have had a wonderful week! It’s Friday, the sun is out and we are in full summertime mode at our house! Hope you all have a great weekend. Monday I’ll be announcing a yummy giveaway so you’ll want to make sure and check back then! Plus, later in the week I’ll give you a sneak peek of the changes I recently made to our entryway. It was literally on a whim is coming together nicely!

And now for my Feature Fridays!

Feature Friday – Current Blog Obsession

Tongue Ticklers

I was searching for things to do with pie cherries the other day (see picture below and you’ll know why) and I came across a vegan {and often gluten free} food blog. My first thought was, ‘wow, she takes incredible pictures.’ I love inspiring photos of food and for me, this is one area I’d like to get better at in my photo taking skills.

Harini, the woman behind the blog, lives in a suburb just outside of Mumbai and documents her play with food through incredible recipes and lovely photos of her culinary creations. All though not all recipes on her blog are India, you can definitely find a vast array of them features here so if you are like me and LOVE Indian food, you are luck!

Harini’s explanation as to why she is vegan is thought provoking and honest and something I’ve been wanting to write about on here for awhile. You can find it here.

All in all, Tongue Ticklers is a food blog anyone can gain inspiring recipes from so you should definitely stop by and browse for awhile!

Feature Friday – Instagram Photo

We have several different fruit trees on the property. Although we’ve let most go and the fruit isn’t really edible, these pie cherries sure are. What should I make with them?

Feature Friday – What I’m Loving Right Now {On Pinterest}

I was just telling D how bad I wish we could grow fruit like lemons and avocados {yes, it’s a fruit} and I love how they are in containers.

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers


D and I climb in an indoor gym and will be learning to take it outside hopefully later this summer. Not sure I’ll be laying in a hammock like this anytime soon but maybe between two trees in our backyard.


I think I need to look at this quote more often. It’s so easy, especially in cruising bloggiland, to get caught up in all that you don’t have and want. I’m so grateful for what I do have and vow to remind myself of this every single day.


What are you guys loving right now? Come on by and share! I’d love to hear all about it. Have a wonderful weekend!

Feature Friday – A Little Spin on Things

I love spotlighting blogs that have recently caught my attention and I certainly still plan on doing so but I also wanted to include a few other things in my weekly Feature Friday post so I’m changing it up just a bit. Continue reading to see how!

Feature Friday -Currently Blog Obsession

The Kind Life

I you were like me and LOVED the movie Clueless then you just may have heard of her before. Alicia Silverston. Did you know she has a blog all about living your healthiest and happiest life possible while taking care of the one and only planet earth we’ve got.  Alicia has been vegan forever now but the best thing about her is she never comes off pushy and offers so much valuable information, recipes, and resources on just being and living healthy.

I truly believe vegans and non-vegans alike will all gain something valuable from checking out her blog!

Feature Friday – Instigram Photo

This past week I harvested a bunch of lettuce, swiss chard and beets and D and I have been feasting all week on them. I love that we get to eat off our land. It makes me feels so primitive.

Feature Friday – What I’m Loving Right Now

This week I found out the sex of my brother and sister-in-law’s baby and I’m excited to say that my adorable nephew Henry will be getting a little sister!!!

See, he’s adorable! And his parents are pretty adorable too!

Striped Walls - Guess what I’m painting in our entry way???

Here is my inspiration:



striped accent wall


The Warm Oregon Weather and Everything Starting to Bloom!




What are you loving this week? A blog? Instagram photos? What’s happening in your life that puts a big smile on your face? I’d love if you’d share!

And I wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything else I may share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (bullfrogsandbulldogs). Come on over and follow me there!

Feature Friday – Homemaker in Heels

D and I are off for a little weekend camping trip where we will be roughing it on the MeKenzie River here in Oregon. Stay tuned for my tips on how to organize efficiently for a camping trip!

Today’s Feature Friday is Crystal from Homemaker in Heels. You can find her blog here and you can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too!

Homemakers in Heels is a DIY blog I recently discovered and Crystal offers tips on thrifty decorating that anyone can do! I’m loving her new Chevron Lamp & “Mercury Glass” Lamp Makeover.

Aside from all her DIY and crafting, Crystal is a southern bell who also shares all things pertaining to her favorite recipes, random rambles about her life and her faith and a weekly weekend craft link party.

So get to know someone knew today and stop by Homemaker in Heels and say hi!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!

Feature Friday – Vegan Housewives

Since D and I are somewhat new to a Vegan lifestyle I, we are constantly reading various sources to make sure that we are first and foremost, getting all the nutrients we need to live a very healthy life but also to help us educate others (who are interested) on why we choose to live this way. We never want to come across as pushy or uneducated about our own lifestyle choices.

I recently came across a blog that is written by two lovely ladies who more then prove that Vegans still have fun and eat incredibly tasty foods. Kortney and Katie of Vegan Housewives are two friends who love good food, thrifty finds, and cruelty-free fashion and beauty products and so much more.

Vegan HousewivesVegan Housewives

Even if you aren’t Vegan you will still find these gals very entertaining and probably, if not definitely, find a few treats on here even the most carnivore loving person will eat!

I mean, look at this Vegan Biscuits & Gravy! YUM!


So whether you are a little curious about what it means to be Vegan or you want to see some of their crafty endeavors you should most definitely stop by Vegan Housewives and take a peek!

You can also find these lovely ladies on Facebook and Twitter!

Feature Friday – Framed Frosting & New Sponsorships Open!

Good Morning Friends! I have some exciting news! I now have several spots open for sponsorship which you’ll find under the advertise/disclosure tab. There are several options and I even have a few spots open to do a blog sponsor swap! If you have questions or comments please feel free to email me!

And now for this Fridays post…

Over the weekend I was giving my blog a lot of thought. Aspects I love about it and things I’d like to change around. One of the post I used to do every Friday was called ‘Feature Friday’ where I highlighted a new blog I recently discovered. I think it is so important to give recognition where it is due and I love sharing with you, my readers, what I love to read in my spare time.

This weeks return to Feature Friday is highlighting a blog I discovered a couple weeks ago. The author is a college student named Danielle and has even been called an up and coming blogger powerhouse.

Framed Frosting

Her blog Framed Frosting is a compilation of like many others, DIY projects, recipes, fashion and life in general but there is something about her blog that really showcases her maturity and positive attitude that draws you to it. She’s got a line of sponsors a mile long and puts amazing effort into her social media outlet. It’s hard to believe she is also juggling the life of a college student too!

You can also find Danielle on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest! So stop by, check out what she has to offer and say hi while your at it!

Don’t forget to connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! You never know what else you may find.