what to do with a $2 picture frame

Interior design is still somewhat intimidating to me. But, growing up with a Custom Homes Contractor father and an Interior Designer mother, I figure there has to be a creative side somewhere in me as well. I love the idea of creating our home into our own personal sanctuary and believe your home should represent all members of the family. Fortunately, David and I have pretty darn similar taste. (thank God!)

Our look is leaning more and more towards French Country with an emphasis on reclaimed wood, old barn wood, and anything rustic. Currently, it’s pretty contemporary from years of both of us being young and not too interested in how our homes looked.

Now it’s time to slowly start accumulating those things that fit into what our dream house would encompass. Except like most people, we are on a budget. So it’s time for me to get a little creative as well.

We have a lot of blank wall space and I think one of the most important things that makes a home a home is filling our walls with items that say something about everyone who lives there. I don’t always like pictures on the walls though. Sometimes it’s fun to throw odds and ends up that show various interests, color, and imagination. This is something I am working on. I tend to have a more black and white mind so it’s not always easy for me to think outside of the box.

About a week ago I was thinking about what I could do to fill out massive amount of wall space. I’m serious, we have very high ceilings which makes it even harder. If you look in my perfect little finds section you will see that I purchased an old antique dresser or table as David would call it. My intention is for this to go into the guest bedroom once painted but I had no idea what to hang above. And then it hit me. I love fabrics. I love going to fabric stores. It’s somewhat nostalgic for me as I grew up going with my mom often. There are some incredibly beautiful fabrics out there that in my opinion, work better than pictures do in frames. And that is what I decided I was going to do.

My adventure began by going to our local Goodwill and finding five old picture frames. It took me really trying to think outside of the box because some of them were ugly. Think 80′s bright pink. Once that was finished, I needed to decide what color I wanted to paint them and go to the fabric store and pick out what I felt represented the ‘look’ I was going for. I headed to Boersma’s Sewing Center in McMinnville, the crème de crème of fabric stores and a quilters little heaven. My best friend was with me and together, we found the perfect fabrics.

A few days later, I painted the picture frames a soft light yellow, the same color as our guest bathroom actually, and replaces the old dingy mats with new crisp white ones. I cut out cardboard rectangles to fit the cut out holes in the mats. My last task was to get the fabric aligned how I wanted and put the frames together and mount them on the wall.

The final outcome, I think, turned out quite nice.

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my personal challenge

This is Sally. Sally Singer Sewing Machine.Yes, I named her. It’s the least I could do considering she has yet to be used and has spent the last year and a half sitting in a storage unit while I traveled the world.

I got her about three years ago for my birthday and she has yet to be touched. At all. Not even once. I remember asking for a sewing machine because growing up my mom always sewed and I’ve always thought it was something I’d like to learn how to do one day.

In 7th grade, I took home economics and during our sewing portion of class, we made little itty bitty pillows as one of our assignments. I think I still may even have it tucked away in one of my many ‘childhood memory’ boxes. But that is about the extent of my sewing history.

The other day I was thinking about some of the projects I would like to accomplish for the house. As easy as it would be to go out and buy what I’m thinking of, I’ve decided to give myself the personal challenge of learning about my sewing machine. Mainly, how it works. I mean, it can’t be that hard to guide some fabric in a straight line as a needle and thread move up and down right?

So here is my mission and yes, I’ve fully accepted and taken it on. I’m going to sew a new pillow case for the accent pillow pictured below.

I think this first task should be relatively easy.  Like I said, one straight line. No problem.

I’m giving myself two weeks to finish this project. That means this little project of mine needs to be finished and in it’s new home on our bed by July 31st. In order to complete this challenge, I need to get to the fabric store, pick out the perfect fabric, learn all about my sewing machine, oh yeah, I lost the manual, and finally, sew the pillow case and stuff it.

Ready, set, go!