Our Tasting Room Reveal

It’s done. After three and a half weeks, we pulled it all together and our little baby is open to the public! Ahh, now we all can breath and somewhat resume back to normal again. Although I’m not sure anything will ever be back to normal. With the tasting room open it means D finally has a place to go and work at instead of working from home. It’s such a blessing for him. It’s hard living where you work. A day is never done and every time you look around there is always something more to do. Hopefully now he will feel as if he can shut it off a bit once he comes home.

It’s beautiful by the way. One of the most exciting things D and I have done together. Watching our vision unfold and come together exactly how we imagined it.

If you didn’t see my post with the before pictures here they are below.

You will notice a few things. First, the walls were painted an off white and the trim a blue grey. We loved it before but we were going for a very specific look.

The bar we purchased from the previous owners. It was perfect but again, didn’t exactly fit our ‘image’ and we brainstormed a few changes we could make on that as well.

If you also remember from my previous post, here is what our label looks like:

Clean, sophisticated, elegant, and simple. Omero is an anagram for Moore but come to find out later, Omero also means Homer. For our 2010′s  our winemaker, Sarah and David thought it would be fun to play with using the Iliad, being our entry level and the Odyssey, our reserve. If you remember from all those years back when you had to read these lovely classics in high school you will have somewhat of an idea of the story behind Homer and the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Because our tasting room is in an older building we really wanted to have fun with the space, creating something a little different that you see down in the valley. Again, we only had three weeks to pull it all together. If you have ever opened a business, you know how much needs to go into it down to the very last detail. Truth be told, we were put last minute touches together on Friday, the day we opened. Everyone had their role and my main one, collaborating with D, was to decorate.

So without further a due, I give you Omero Cellars Tasting Room located at 116 W Main Street, Carlton OR.

Here is exactly what went into it:

New paint on walls and trim

New signage on window out front

New rug

New furniture

New light fixtures

Picking out pictures and getting them printed and framed

Update to the bar

Creating a chalkboard door

Finding and hanging mirrors

Bathroom decor

It may not sound like a lot but when you only have three and a half weeks with six of those days being out of town for our wedding, we really had to put our heads down to get things done. But we are so happy. It feels like coming home when you are inside and I can’t wait for everyone to come through and see it.

This is the front. I had to pull this sign together last minute. Needs some finishing touches but for the most part I love it. So much in fact I am making a big sandwich board just like it for the sidewalk!

When you walk inside you are met by a big beautiful bar, warm Edison lights and a big ol’ red chalkboard made from an old door we found at the Restore in Portland. The mirror behind the bar was found at an antique shop in Aurora, OR. I started the whole process by painting the once beige walls a slate grey by Restoration Hardware and the trim Ash by them as well. We knew we wanted a really warm yet industrial feel.

To make the red chalkboard door, we found a used panel door which was originally white. I used the color Emperors Red by Annie Sloan for the outside and basic black chalk-paint for the inside.

The sketch drawing you see to the right was done by a local artist named Terry Peasley. This was actually hanging in our dining room before this. It’s a somewhat abstract drawing of our property focusing on all the best attributes. The photo at the bottom right is actually a big panoramic of a photo we had taken last fall.

We purchased the bar from the previous tenants of the space but the original mosaic tiles didn’t quite go with the look we wanted. We found this brass/cooper color Fasade Ceiling Tiles at Home Depot and just mounted them over the original tile in case we want to use it down the road. I actually just used double sided tape. Works like a charm!

As you go into the back room you are met by a beautiful reclaimed barn wood table and sideboard with a vintners hutch. D and I saw this and immediately fell in love with it. With a few more photos of the property lining the walls we were so pleased with the final outcome! We also got a new rug for under the barn wood table that is a really pretty rust color.

There you have it! I’ll post a few more photos of some of the smaller details. If you are ever in the area come on by and see us!

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Weekend Bloggy Reading

Missing in Action and Some Big News!

Life has been rather crazy the last few weeks. Beside planning a destination wedding, getting our starts ready and planted in our raised beds, our seven sheep ALL having twins, and actually leaving this coming Tuesday for our wedding in Las Vegas, we also have some other amazing news!

About two weeks ago we leased a tasting room for our family winery, Omero Cellars! This is extremely big and we are so excited! Plans are to build one on our property but for the foreseeable future, Omero Cellars will open shop in the little town of Carlton, OR, a destination known for tasting rooms.  If you are not familiar with Oregon Wine Country, here are a couple of good resources for you to read up on it if you are curious. Click Oregon Wine and The Willamette Valley Oregon.

Well, my plans for revamping our living room have been put on hold and my latest project has been revamping the new tasting room. As Memorial Day Weekend is one of the biggest weekend in the valley for wine tasting and wine releases, we are open to the public on Friday, May 25th. Throw in a week in Las Vegas for our wedding and you have us running like crazy trying to get all sorts of last minute details done. Going crazy is an understatement!

So, I bet you are dying to see some of the before pictures, huh?

As far as what we are doing, well, I want that to be a bit of a surprise! Hey, you only have to wait two weeks to see it finished!

Here is a picture of our 2010 labels:

And here are some of the before pictures of the tasting room. There isn’t a lot and the shots are the best but at least you’ll get an idea! I’m looking forward to showing you all when we are finished!

Hope you all have a great weekend! You know what I’ll be doing!