Feature Friday – Under the Sycamore

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I’m pretty sure this is already a well known blog but I literally stumbled upon this blog yesterday as I was reading another one of my favorite blogs, Lil’ Boo Blue and was immediately sucked into Ashley’s world, Under the Sycamore.



A ‘retired’ professional photographer, stepping down in 2008, Ashley still snaps photos on a daily basis of her life with her husband and FIVE children. What caught me first with Under the Sycamore was her overall layout of the blog. When you click on one of the three links under her banner, Favorites, DIY or Photo Tips, you wont find many words but rather photos, many photos and when scrolled over you will get the few beginning sentences of that particular blog post. I love it. I think it is one of the more unique and interesting blog layouts I’ve seen.

When you delve deeper into Under the Sycamore you begin to see the heart and love behind the compilation of Ashley’s life experiences. From crafting, DIYing, and photography to parenting, being a wife, a parent, and adopting. It’s heart, it’s soul, it’s life, it’s real. I think that is way it sucked me in. I also have a thing for really awesome blog and website layouts.

Here are a few of my favorite post written by Ashley at Under the Sycamore thus far. I still have a lot of browsing to do but love what I’m seeing so far!


Pallet Bed

Vintage Hat Box Lampshade



DIY Star Wars Costumes

I Have a Voice

But seriously, if you haven’t checked Under the Sycamore out yet you should. If you love blog writers that ‘get real’ then head over and say hi to Ashley.

She’s also on Facebook and Pinterest too!

a morning stroll

I woke up this morning, looked out the window and was  greeted by the sun peeking out from behind some clouds highlighting the beautiful array of colors around the farm. I quickly put on my boots to go  let the chickens out for the day. I grabbed my camera on the way out the door…

Every season shares some sort of beauty but autumn colors are by far the most inspiring to me.

I think the animals even appreciate it as well…


And life is good…






the fruits of our labor

I was walking around the property today taking in the last bit of warmth we had here in the valley as the clouds drifted in and signs of autumn crept in with it. The weather is supposed to change to rain tomorrow and I made sure to take a moment (or two) and really enjoy wearing a tank top and walking barefoot through the grass. I happen to have a camera with me and captured a few shots as well.

sweet peaches, basil, and coconut ice cream

Yesterday we went to the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market in SW Portland. By far the best market to date. The street was lined with local venders with stands full of fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade pastas (gluten-free options too), homemade cheeses, fresh flowers, you name it! We picked out an assortment of goodies to try over the course of the week including these delectable sweet peaches.

It’s been very warm and quite humid here in the valley and what better way to cool-down then a homemade treat such as sweet peaches with basil, peach, and a 2005 Joh.Jos.Prum Resisling sauce all over coconut ice cream. Thanks to my wonderful love whom made the desert and took all the photos. What a treat!

country road

There is a strip of country road I drive often to get to town. It has some of my favorite views although, it’s hard to say it’s not all beautiful. For me, there’s nothing like driving down an old country road with the sun shinning, the windows down and the sweet tunes of country music blaring from my stereo.

There are fields all over full of these white flowers. It is simply beautiful.

Fields of Lavender

On Sunday, David and I went to check out a few of the lavender farms here in Yamhill County. Our first stop was Woodland Lavender, a picturesque piece of property that sits high above the valley overlooking farms and vineyards.

(A majority, if not all of these photos were taken by David)

David captured me walking down a row of lavender

Woodland Lavender Farm

Woodland Lavender Farm

The next farm we went to was Willakenzie Lavender Farm & Gift Shop. This place, if anything, should be seen for its lanscaping alone. Hours upon hours of hard work went into this estate and the cute baby Alpachas that rest out in the barn are an added bonus.

One single yellow flower amongst rows and rows of purple at Willakenzie Lavender Farm

The last farm we went to, Wild Rain Farm, was nestled between a hillside and the North Yamhill River. A private oasis in the middle of nowhere. David and my dream!

Wild Rain Farm

True, this is now lavender but it was taken on Wild Rain farm out front and I think worthy of being viewed