Soft & Cozy Baby Burp Rags

As you know, I am somewhat of a novice at sewing. Meaning, all I can really do thus far is sew a straight line. I am, however, excited to start testing my limits this fall/winter and give a little more detail to some of my sewing projects. But first, I have to share these super easy burp rags I made for my sister-in-law who is due at the end of November. My mom is the one who showed me these and they are really fun to make because I know they will get a lot of good use out of them.

I whipped these two out in about 30 minutes the other day. I love the fabrics I found for both of them. Quick note: you can find pre-cut quarters at most fabric stores. I found my at JoAnn’s and they are the perfect size for these burp rags. Five total usually come in a bundle that are within the same color scheme like the ones I used below.

I paired the orange fabrics together, one with monkey’s  and the other with stars. The other fabric had green stripes and multi-color circles. I paired the ones with corresponding colors.

To begin, take your first pair of fabric and lay them out as if you were sewing a pillow, where the fabric is inside out. You can, if you choose, use pins to hold the fabric in place as you sew or just free hand it as you go.

Sew all four sides leaving about an inch to an inch and a half open so you can flip in right side out.

The go ahead and flip it inside out like so, then use a pencil to go along the seam from the inside and push it out as well as all four corners.

Then, either by hand or using your sewing machine, sew up the last little opening.

Then use your iron to get out any creases. Last I sewed some rick rack to add a little detail to the front of the burp rag.

And your are done! See, pretty easy, huh?

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home is what you make it, one diy project at a time

My mom happens to be one of the most creative people I know. She knits, she sews, she paints, she needle points (when needle pointing was popular) and she designs. In fact, she is an Interior Designer by trade. She is possibly one of the most crafty, creative people I know.

Take a look at her most recent creative endeavor:
Christmas Advent Calendars

I mean, look at the detail on this beautiful advent calendar! Growing up, we had one similar to this but with a lot more felt cause felt was the thing of the 80′s, right? My brothers and I loved our advent calendar and I hope my children one day love this one just as much!

Now there is me. I’d say I am creative and she definitely inspires me to be even more so. As mentioned in an earlier post, My Personal Challenge, I wanted to attempt to teach myself to sew by giving myself monthly projects, my first being making a pillow. Well, the pillow did get made, by my mom. I did pick out and cut the fabric but when she was down for a visit, she sewed it together for me as I had yet to do so. My excuse, well, I had lost the sewing machine manual and I had no clue how to use it. She is a lifesaver that one.

The thing is, I know I inherited that creative gene of hers and it just needs some luring out of me. That is why I am adding a DIY/Craft tab to Bullfrogs and Bulldogs. Now that I have my very own home, it’s time I start making it into the home of our dreams. One project at a time. The list is long thus it shouldn’t be hard to come up with projects.

Stay tuned for more, much more, to come!

my personal challenge

This is Sally. Sally Singer Sewing Machine.Yes, I named her. It’s the least I could do considering she has yet to be used and has spent the last year and a half sitting in a storage unit while I traveled the world.

I got her about three years ago for my birthday and she has yet to be touched. At all. Not even once. I remember asking for a sewing machine because growing up my mom always sewed and I’ve always thought it was something I’d like to learn how to do one day.

In 7th grade, I took home economics and during our sewing portion of class, we made little itty bitty pillows as one of our assignments. I think I still may even have it tucked away in one of my many ‘childhood memory’ boxes. But that is about the extent of my sewing history.

The other day I was thinking about some of the projects I would like to accomplish for the house. As easy as it would be to go out and buy what I’m thinking of, I’ve decided to give myself the personal challenge of learning about my sewing machine. Mainly, how it works. I mean, it can’t be that hard to guide some fabric in a straight line as a needle and thread move up and down right?

So here is my mission and yes, I’ve fully accepted and taken it on. I’m going to sew a new pillow case for the accent pillow pictured below.

I think this first task should be relatively easy.  Like I said, one straight line. No problem.

I’m giving myself two weeks to finish this project. That means this little project of mine needs to be finished and in it’s new home on our bed by July 31st. In order to complete this challenge, I need to get to the fabric store, pick out the perfect fabric, learn all about my sewing machine, oh yeah, I lost the manual, and finally, sew the pillow case and stuff it.

Ready, set, go!