the fruits of our labor

I was walking around the property today taking in the last bit of warmth we had here in the valley as the clouds drifted in and signs of autumn crept in with it. The weather is supposed to change to rain tomorrow and I made sure to take a moment (or two) and really enjoy wearing a tank top and walking barefoot through the grass. I happen to have a camera with me and captured a few shots as well.

the beauty of a local farmers markets

There is something about a local farmers market that makes me feel as if I am in another time and place. A time when the variety and accessibility of the many foods we have today just didn’t exist. You ate what was available and what was on hand. You didn’t have hundreds of types of chips on the shelves to choose from and your fruits and vegetables didn’t come pre-packaged on the super market shelf. These same fruits and vegetables hadn’t been wrapped up in plastic wrap, shipped from someplace thousands of miles away a few weeks prior. There is something so raw and natural about rummaging through the freshly cut heads of lettuce amongst your neighbors and locals and finding that perfect little thing you never knew you needed.

On Thursday, my best friend who has been in town and I went to the McMinnville Farmers Market. One David has been telling me to check out because it was by far, the biggest and best in this neck of the woods. And he was right.

We arrived a little on the early side and discovered that the market didn’t start until 1:30pm which was actually perfect because it gave us some time to take a look at the fabric shop I’ve also heard great things about.

When we arrived back at the market about 1:40pm, the street was already crowded with local patrons carrying their baskets and shopping bags ready to gather their goods. We filed in getting lost amongst the crowd.

We had a few things on our list to get but for the most part, we just wanted to try all the foods and visit all the venders. We bought some vegetables for dinner the following night at Farmer John’s Produce and as you can see from the pictures, these beauties were as tasty as they look.

Farmer John's zucchini

Farmer John's cauliflower

Farmer John's green peppers

Farmer John's peppers

After we purchased our veggies, we decided to go over to Briar Rose Creamery‘s booth and got some of their amazing and delicious Spicy Chipotle Chèvre for a lite snack before dinner. We also happened to pick up their Chocolate-Goat Cheese Truffles for dessert. If you ever get the chance to try these tiny little delectable treats, do so! They are the perfect finish to any meal.

Briar Rose Creamery

Briar Rose Creamery

As we wrapped tasting our way through the market, we happened to run into Ruby Cakes, a gluten-free, Vegan, and nut free bakery that specialized in adorable little bite size cupcakes. Of course there was no way I was making it out of this market without picking up a few for the road. Ruby Cakes bakery will be opening up in old historic McMinnville in late September. I am sure I will be a frequent patron as these little guys turned out to be quite the treat as well. I know, I have a major sweet tooth but hey, it could be something worse right?

Ruby Cakes Coconut Cupcakes

More of Ruby Cakes Coconut Cupcakes