I’ve grown to recognize that I am an extremely sentimental person, often finding myself walking down memory lane, thinking about the sweet innocence of my youth and how the simplest of things would make me so happy, like Satsuma oranges at Christmas time.

My mom would come home with a box full of them and I’d know that it was the start of the most magical time of year, one filled with so much hope and mystery for a child. A time of year that anything was possible because the holidays represented miracles.

These Satsumas remind me of a time in my life when things were simple and magic was real and the realities of being an adult were so far from my mind and my biggest worry was if so and so liked me. I often wonder why the generation that follows is so eager to grow up?

For most of us, today is a day to reflect on everything we are grateful and thankful for. It’s a time to gather with love ones and spend cherished time eating, drinking, and just being merry. On this Thanksgiving I am spending it alone with my hubby whom I am extremely thankful for. Our day is going to be filled with tons of vegan goodness, movies, a warm and cozy fire, our puppies and kitty at our feet and us, cuddled up on the couch, together.

If I’m honest, this past month has been one that has made me wish I could return to the days when I still believed in Santa and my biggest concerns were silly boy troubles or a budding pimple on my chin.

But today, for the whole day, I’m forgetting about the sadness and stress I’ve been feeling and I’m happy,  thankful and grateful for all that I do have.

I’m healthy, have a loving relationship with my husband, live in a beautiful area of this country on a beautiful piece of property full of nature and animals I love very much.

I always have food on my plate, clothes on my back, and a warm and cozy place to sleep and can’t even begin to understand what it would feel like to not have these things we often take for granted.

I have an incredible family who makes me feel loved and cherished and a nephew who literally makes my heart melt every time he looks my direction. Our family was blessed with a little girl this Thanksgiving morning and we are getting a  new sister-in-law next fall.

I’ve had a year full of travels and adventure, a new marriage, a new last name, and reached a huge milestone I had been working on for quite some time.

I have this blog, an outlet for creativity and of course, I have you. I’m so very thankful.

Today I feel full and grateful.


  1. Teri Capalby says:

    Thank you honey for a very inspiring blog today. I am also very thankful for the simple things in my life, the things we all take for granted…I am thankful to still be here in this beautiful world to enjoy another day, for a warm home, good friends and a loving family….You make me very proud sweetie….have a warm loving day with your great hubby and all your little furry friends…see you in ten days. love you

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