About Electric Dog Fences

Many people have heard of electric dog fences but may not understand exactly what they are and what they do. An electric dog fence is called an invisible fence

Girl with husky dog sitting on green grass

Many people have heard of electric dog fences but may not understand exactly what they are and what they do. An electric dog fence is also sometimes called an invisible fence®. They are an ideal way of containing your dog without the need of a physical fence. They are less costly than a standard fence and the dog cannot dig underneath or jump over it.

There are three components to an electric fence: the wire, the transmitter and the collar. First, the wire is buried about 3 inches deep in the ground, around the perimeter of the yard. This dog fence wire defines exactly where you would like your border to be. The transmitter is set up in a weatherproofed location such as a garage. This transmitter emits a radio signal that communicates with the wire. A special collar is then placed on your dog. This collar has two metal contact points that come out of it and touch the dog’s neck.

Your dog is able to roam freely within the containment area of his own accord, without you having to put him on a leash. When he gets close to the border that was created with the wire, he will hear a warning tone through the collar. If he stops, nothing happens. However, if he keeps going forward, he will receive a mild, static shock. With a bit of repetition, your dog will learn to stay within the boundaries you have defined for him.

There are many kinds of electric fences for dogs. One of these is the PetSafe® Elite Little Dog Fence. This system has the smallest and lightest collar available, as it is designed for dogs that are as small as 5 pounds.

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence box
Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the PetSafe® Stubborn Dog Fence. It is designed for large dogs that require a stronger correction for them to comply. Its correction strength is 3 times higher than standard electric fences for dogs. It works well for guardian breeds such as the Pit Bull and German Shepherd.

For everything in between, the PetSafe® Rechargeable in ground system is a great choice. The highlight of this system is its lightweight, rechargeable collar. It is able to contain up to 25 acres of land. You can also check out some great under ground electronic pet door review websites or check out invisible dog fence reviews on this site.  

The great thing about PetSafe® systems is that you can interchange any of the collars with any of the different PetSafe® dog fences. For example, if you have the little dog fence, you can use the little collar for one of your dogs and for a larger dog, you can use one of the larger collars.

And there you have it wireless electric dog fence are an easy way to keep your dog in your yard, without having to build an unsightly fence. You are sure to enjoy their many benefits, such as the increased freedom they provide.