Office Organization Inspiration

I just finished painting the trim in the office. Whoa! That was quite the task! It looks 110% better and I am daydreaming what the whole house will look like.

I just finished painting the trim in the office white. Whoa! That was quite the task! But, it looks 110% better and I am daydreaming what the whole house will look like with a lovely shade of white framing the windows and walls. I can’t tell you what a difference the white makes. It’s bright, it’s cheery, and when I walk into our office, I get all warm and fuzzy inside because it doesn’t look like a scary dungeon anymore.

As I start to wrap things up in here {still have a few days of sorting, filing, labeling, and touch ups to do}, I still need to think of a few organizational ideas for some of the loose odds and ends. So, what else do you do when you need help? I sat down today to do a little  cruisin’ through ciberland looking for some ideas to incorporate into my own plan. I thought it would be fun to share some of the office spaces and craft rooms I’m gaining some inspiration from.

Cubby Unit with Old Mason Jars

I’d love to incorporate something like this for all the odds and ends I can’t find a home for. I think it’s the perfect spot for buttons, loose nails and whatever else that is small and I need to store.

Pottery Barn Daily System

I have to admit, I’m obsessed with this whole look and want to recreate it exactly. But instead I’m taking bits and pieces from it. But if I could, I’d snap my fingers and magically every single aspect {including the reclaimed wood wall} would be in our office. But I guess that’s why they have stylist, right?

Frames on the Wall

Let’s face it, I have way more wall space in this house then I even know what to do with. Isn’t this a clever and pretty way of hiding it while adding color and your own personal touch?

Wall Organizer

This is an awesome idea for storage of extra pens and ribbon! All made from scratch with a little wood and stain for next to nothing. I like the sound of that!

If you have some fun ideas you’d like to share send them my way! And I’d love to know, what is your favorite part of your office or crafting space?